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Midlife Gamer Video Showcase: Payday: The Heist

October 28th, 2011 by

This current generation of never-ending sequels, prologues and origins can be tiresome. Sometimes it feels that commercialism has really gotten its teeth into gaming, sucking out the originality in favour of peer pressure and ham-fisted tactics to get you to buy the latest Duty of Warfare 12.  Often it is left to the indie developer to freshen things up, their main concern is the game’s fun factor instead of the corporation’s plofit and ross figures. Step forward Overkill Games and their fantastic co-op robbery simulator Payday: The Heist for the PC and PS3(PSN).

Imagine the best bits of Heat, Point Break and Inside Man smushed together into a co-op experience much like Left for Dead but with primary and secondary objectives. Don’t feel like shooting out the security cameras? You won’t fail the mission but you will definitely have a harder time completing it when the feds know exactly where you are, not that you’ll have an easy time in any case, as about 50% of attempts end in failure. Just like Left for Dead your strength is in your unity and organisation. As you’ll see in the video, if one of your party fancies himself a real tough-nut and decides to go all Rambo, chances are he will be incapacitated and so will the poor schmuk who goes to pick him up.

At the more than fair price of £14.99 Payday: The Heist gives a lot of bang for your buck. The extensive perks and unlock features add longevity to the game and the quality of the shooting is top notch with precise hit-boxing and very tight definitions on geometry i.e. if your crosshair is just around the edge of a wall it will miss instead of clipping frustratingly into the wall. I shall blabber no more, this ain’t no damn review, just take a goosey gander at the video and see for yourself. There are decent alternatives to drinking the Kool Aid and buying Call of Honour 27.


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