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OmnomBot Preview

September 8th, 2011 by

The simplest of games quite often prove to be the most compelling, and that’s certainly true of OmnomBot. Developed by Milkman Games, OmnomBot is a reaction game for the iPhone currently in Beta. The simple premise is: OmnomBot doesn’t like to eat vegetable, but adores meat, so players must only allow the meat to fall into his mouth. The input is just as simple: touch and hold the screen to open OmnomBot’s mouth. The compulsion to keep playing comes from sheer competitiveness, whether you just want to better your own score or other peoples.

It’s hugely compelling. The pleasantly simple concept and design make it easy to pick up and play; a wonderful fit for the iPhone. OmnomBot’s bin-like design and animations are charming along with the stark surroundings and menu, which makes navigating a breeze and distractions minimal. You must keep OnmonBot’s Hunger-o-level from running out by eating meat and avoiding vegetables as they fly from right to left across the screen. How they approach you can change randomly between flying straight at you, bouncing, or even bouncing over you and requiring you to flip your mouth shut to eat them. It’s great, unpredictable reaction fun.

It’s all about gaining points and avoiding hunger from wave to wave. With tricks like eating three pieces of meat in a row without closing your mouth, but before the mouth energy bar runs out that closes your mouth automatically, you can gain more points. Additionally you can flip the vegetables for even more points, although on the quicker waves mistiming this can be dangerous. Each waves gets faster and therefore gradually more difficult until poor Omnombot succumbs to hunger and the games is over.

It sounds silly and shallow, but that’s part of its charm. There’s a special sausage you can eat to temporarily shield yourself from vegetables, although its necessity is questionable with the mouth energy bar in play. Challenges act like achievements, encouraging you to chase certain objectives like flip three vegetables in a row or have a perfect run through of a certain wave, and as you complete challenges new ones appear. The leaderboard has yet to be implemented, but the promise of an online leaderboard is sure to bring further compulsion to play.

OmnomBot is shaping up to be a great title and the Milkman Games team are busy not only tweaking the game, but also preparing new levels, challenges, modes and characters as we speak. OmnomBot is due to be release on the App Store later this month.


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