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Micro Your Macro: Week 5

September 10th, 2011 by

War. War never changes. That is unless a huge suite of changes are being planned for all races. Currently trialling in the Public Test Realm all manner of tweaks have been implemented to try and curb the dominance of Terran in the professional scene. Yup, it seems the Q.Q has prompted the (in my opinion) nerfing of my precious Terrans. First the barracks production time has been increased by 5 seconds, I imagine to try and stop early 2Rax pressure that can flatten an early Zerg. Funny though, Zerg can still ling rush, Protoss can still cannon rush, why not take them out too? Second sees the upgraded Blue Flame Hellion damage bonus dropped from 10 to 5, possibly to stop Hellion run-bys into the mineral line. It isn’t all bad news though, the Raven Seeker Missile has had its speed increased from 2.5 to 2.953, whoop de frigging do. All of this to counter a 4% increased chance of Terran victory on the pro circuit. I’m not going to Q.Q any more, for full prospective adjustments click here: Patch Notes

Anyway, hello, how are you, good? I’ve had a small break to play a few other things as for the past eight weeks I have been living SC2. The official mission time is over, I’m in this just for shits and giggles from here on out. In the end the constant laddering made me sick, sucking all the fun out of the game. I may still reach Silver, but not in the 1v1 game, truth is I’m just not cut-out for the competitive PvP world, my reactions too slow and my will too sporadic. What I need is a scapegoat, yes…

Rummaging through my secret drawer I pulled out my trusty book of excuses. If I am not the only player then it can’t be all my fault surely. Cue my trusty SC2 MLG cohorts, their help seeing me this far will now become allies in the strange world of 3v3. Chances of being rushed: High. Chances of spamming Reapers to cheese them: Higher. The general tactic is to combine early forces and eliminate one out of three foes, leaving us to macro away always knowing we will have superior numbers. This sounds simple enough but forcing one person to retire early has a huge meta advantage on the morale of the remaining two, often a follow-up attack will cause another GG.

Straying away from competitive gaming altogether we take things a bit easier on Starcraft Sundays. Starting around 9pm the MLG faithful coagulate in an often drunken mess and shoot the breeze while throwing marines at each other. I’m glad to see the numbers growing week on week, even having a special guest appearance from Mantismat this Sunday who did his darnedest in this week’s 2v2 match-up.

Just a quick additional note, us MLG SC2ers are in the process of setting up a collaberative stream. It is still early days but expect to see more soon here:

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