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Micro Your Macro: Week 4

August 19th, 2011 by

Cast your minds back to week 1, starry-eyed projections full of energy and possibility. Now before you stands a grizzled veteran, not in stature but in mindset. A veteran who still isn’t very good. Just imagine Frank Spencer that served in ‘nam and you’d be somewhere close. To destroy any shred of suspense I may’ve created I can say I am still in the Bronze League, I have failed my initial goal. Part of this really sickens me, I mean I can swear I have played nothing but SC2 for 5 weeks now. I’ve watched the livestreams, studied theory and dug around seedy forums to try and bolster my weaknesses. Yet, in all my efforts I still reside in the worst of leagues. I’ll share with you an analogy for SC2 laddering that seems to ring true. Remember when you were studying for your driving test, studying the Highway Code, taking the theory test and awkwardly kangerooing out of junctions, so much learning. Then some relation/friend/random stranger would approach you and claim “Ah well you’re only learning how to pass the test, you really learn how to drive when you get on the road”. That is SC2 multiplayer at the Bronze level.

After watching the best in the world ply their trade and reading the best knowledge out there, I can still get steamrolled by the stupidest cheesy tactics that would get any legitimate player booed out of the stadium. They should be ashamed of themselves. What is the point of developing the most balanced multiplayer game of a generation just to allow some numbnuts to send in all his drones immediately into my Command Centre. His excuse? “Oh I have to go and watch football”. Like fuck you do, you will spend all evening doing the same thing over and over to climb the ranks. It makes me sick to my stomach. Months of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy undone by some dickface who would rather cheat and make others pay for it. People like that should be sterilised so they cannot populate the Earth with their selfish seed. You want an explanation to the riots? Starcraft 2 holds up a grubby mirror to society, revealing the lowest of the low, unconcerned with dignity, consequence or morality. Free societies are screwed.

Legitimate strategy my arse!

This Week’s Homework: A Powerful Stream

Week 1 saw me advocating the numerous quality livestreams available on streaming sites such as Twitch.tv (the new gaming site for Justin.tv). My appreciation has only grown for streams, knowing so much more about the core mechanics of SC2. I now understand why it was such a risk to Forge Fast Expand or why a player was crazy for not going Helion/Medivac drops. I am now part of a secret society where the words 4-gate push send shudders down the spine. In my efforts to crowd-source my learning and giving something back to the community I have started my own stream. The action may not be up there with the best, and I may have made someone who rushed me cry, but I think this could be the right move for continuing this project. That’s right, this isn’t the end of my SC2 journey, I couldn’t bear to leave it alone after climbing so close to getting out of Bronze. I honestly thought I would’ve grown sick of this game by week 2, truth is I love the game for what it can be, just hate a lot of the players for what they turn it into. Anyhow, because each Youtube video I upload will typically take 2 hours to render and 5 hours to upload, streaming sounds like the better option as it is instantaneously recorded and uploaded to the internet. When I’m not currently streaming, my entire back catalogue can be retrieved with a single click. There is also the added bonus of community interaction as if one of my jolly cohorts sees that I am streaming, they can hop in and become famous! I do like composing Youtube videos though, especially finding little clips for the start. Once the mighty fibre-optic winds its way into my hometown, I’m sure videos will become a more frequent occurence.

Right, so here is my channel, if you see me streaming come and say hi, I will try to send out a Tweet once I start a session. It is likely I won’t get a lot of passing traffic as to become a verified channel and more visible, I need to expand my catalogue.


The Matches

Overall a fairly good week, at a time I was on a 5 match streak where I harassed a Gold enough to keep him turtled up in his one base so I could freely expand and gain victory through good old fashion macro. At my height I was position 14 in the league. However after a couple of days of inactivity through working late my return was not as successful: I lost 5 matches and won 2, being humiliated with a drone rush in the first 30 seconds who needed to watch football and a Terran with no excuse but saw fit to send a steady stream of marines into my base. I’m not ashamed to say I vented my spleen all over them and lifted off my Command Centre and sent it to the furthest reaches, making them tech up to air to shoot it down, typically around 20 minutes in because they probably don’t know how to go that far up the tech tree, the cheesing fucknuts. RAWR!

On the plus side, this Sunday was a lot of fun. For those who have the smallest interest in SC2 and would like to dip their feet in the water without getting washed away, I suggest you come along on Sunday nights (normally around 9pm) and join in with the Midlife Gamer SC2 community nights. With 5 people online at the time I put my game-face back in its drawer and withdrew my commentator’s hat. It would be Team North vs. Team South, who would take the gold?

Week Start: 25th Bronze League

Week End: 18th Bronze League

Note: I just can’t finish the series here, it would be one of those things I regret long after I’ve finished. Looking at my stats I’m still quite a new player with only 50 wins to my name compared to a rough average of 100 or so of my opponents.

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5 Responses to “Micro Your Macro: Week 4”
  1. Okay you’ve sold me – count me in soon enough, I need to move my house around to be able to play properly, but that looks like a lot of fun and I’m loving the narration

  2. avatar antman says:

    You are wise beyond your years young padwin. The feng shui of one’s temple is key to Starcraft victory.

  3. avatar ShatnerzBassoon says:

    Moving the house around?

    I reckon Mats wiring his Kinect up to his Mac for some sort of Minority Report razzle dazzle cloaked Banshee control system…

  4. avatar kainelor says:

    great to see your carring on bro! love the vod brill commentary!

  5. avatar antman says:

    Cheers fella. I’m formulating in my noggin a MLG knockout tournament. We can get 2 commentators in the booth with everyone else watching.

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