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Party in my Dorm … or not

June 29th, 2011 by

Party in my Dorm (Pimd by its fan base) is a fascinating and somewhat intoxicating mobile app role-playing game from A Thinking Ape Inc. The game is available from the Apple iTunes mobile apps store for iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

A little about A Thinking Ape Inc.

A Thinking Ape Inc. launched the very successful massively multiplayer online game Kingdoms at War which was their first endeavor. With over two-million subscribers their first effort is really more than just a success story it is somewhat of a phenomenon. During the transition from the San Francisco area and settling into Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, A Thinking Ape inc. released two new titles, Future Combat and Party in my Dorm.

The company consists of about eighteen members, which is a far cry from the early days. Founders Kenshi Arasaki, Wilkins Chung and Eric Diep are three young developers with their finger on the social networking gaming world. Expect huge things from these three in the very near future.

A little about the game:

Pimd is an intoxicating mobile app game that has you playing the role of a college student. There are several to choose from but the role here isn’t as important as other facets of the game, so feel free to pick the Party Guy or Sorority Girl.

Graduation is not the goal here, making money is. There are multiple ways to rake in the cash, which on this campus is paramount to your success. You can do ‘jobs’ which pay from minor dollars to loads of cash, you can be hired as a tutor or battle other players. These battles include fist fights, dance offs, eaves dropping and pranks.

Money is needed for various reasons, building your personal strength and intellect (the two key stats for all players), which is accomplished by building your personal crew and hiring tutors. You can also use your bank to buy offensive and defensive power-ups from the store and to start your own club. There really is a huge amount of activities that are unique and enjoyable for a mobile app platform. Truly the content here can be as vast as those of a console game.

The world of Pimd is involving, from raising quick cash by being ‘volleyed’ to being a mercenary or ‘merc’ to help out a club in a midst of a war, to running about kicking rear and dancing yours off.  They also have an in and out of game forum as well as campus chat and you can follow other players to get your chat on privately. All of this keeps you engrossed in the game and wanting more. The question is whether you want to invest funds to advance the game or not.

Over all Pimd is fun, interesting and a great time killer. You may very well find yourself playing it off and on throughout the day just to see how your stats are doing and who is skimming money off you.

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One Response to “Party in my Dorm … or not”
  1. avatar Battery_Operated_Boyfriend says:

    Biased admins. No variety. Money required to compete. Not recommended.

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