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Final E3 musings

June 12th, 2011 by

E3 is over for another year, and to wrap up our coverage a couple of Midlife Gamer’s contributors put their thoughts down.

Mitchell Norton:

E3 was a bit of a disappointment this year. The only real amusement in Xbox’s speech, was the medley of awkward and disjointed jokes spouting from the presenter’s mouths. Which was backed up with the cock-sure confidence of a trainee estate agent trying to squeeze out a single drop of charisma. Admittedly Skyrim looked more fun than a beer tasting weekend in a child’s ball pit. So did Mass Effect 3 but let’s face it we all knew they were going to be fantastic anyway.

Xbox where trying to push Kinect like an old cotton bud into the ear of bored gamers everywhere. They spent the whole conference trying to convince gamers it was a “hardcore” system with “hardcore” applications. But the disparity between what was said and what was shown was Chasm-like.

Overall a Disappointing conference from Xbox with the winner being Nintendo.

Why? Because ironically “casual” Nintendo seemed to focus more on the Hardcore gamer, Me.

Jon Brown:

I’m loving the WiiU third-party line-up, it has to be my real surprise of the conference- Darksiders 2 and Arkham City, amongst others, were shockers, and what development potential! But PSVita might yet shock the gaming industry with its reverse touch pad for pervy bra-strap twanging, near HD console quality graphical capabilities, and early signs of a strong software launch, including ModNation Racers and Uncharted PSV. Now the second round of the Handheld War can really begin…

Over on the current gen console side of things. Both Sony and Microsoft are pushing their motion control maguffins to the point of inflicting Sesame Street on unsuspecting young Kinecters, and phaser-style Move peripherals for a new breed of online Trekkies.

My final thought – I am glad my 3DS is going to see some action soon: Mario Kart, Luigiā€™s Mansion, Star Fox! E3 2011 had it all and more.

Greg Giddens:

I was really excited about E3 this year. Knowing that Nintendo were going to showcase their new console and Sony were showcasing their new handheld, made the event feel special. You got to love new consoles. But when the actual event rolled round, it failed to impress me overall.

Nintendo did a great job in showing support for the 3DS and the Wii U looks amazing, I’m very much looking forward to that. Microsoft showed support for Kinect which is admirable, but Sony won E3, as far as the big three go, although Ubisoft, Konami and EA has some pretty cool things to show us as well, independently . Sony balanced their conference to show support for all their avenues equally, Move, standard games, and of course PSVita. This balance was able to meet everyone’s expectations and wants. Good show Sony.

And that’s E3 over for another year. be sure to check out all of our coverage for E3 this year.


2 Responses to “Final E3 musings”
  1. avatar Mitchell Norton says:

    The 3DS line up still hasn’t convinced me i need one so far.

    I love Ocarina of Time but the draw of 3D isn’t enough. Luigi’s mansion looked great, but nothing blew me away really.
    i really feel like i am ready for a new console launch, I know Nintendo are but i mean a new power house of graphical insanity.
    Nintendo was saying:
    “Imagine the possibilities”

    Sony was saying:
    “Sorry! Please, not in the face!”
    Microsoft was saying:
    “Kinect Kinect Kinect”

  2. avatar Jon Brown says:

    I was sold from a hardware point of view, plus the fact I have traded up for every reincarnation of DS throughout it’s history. I would advise anyone who doesn’t have an interest in any games out currently to wait a little while longer. I am still playing DS games on my 3DS. This will change soon. But for the first three months of it’s existence, I have only played 3DS games on the console for reviewing purposes, and not to really keep and just play through myself (not to say I haven’t enjoyed the games, just not games I really want).

    But again, like I said, DQVI, Golden Sun and Pokemon White are still keeping me plenty amused for the time being. PokeDex 3D and Link’s Awakening are recent additions to the software. Just waiting for Mario Kart now! =D And both Resident Evil 3DS games.

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