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A Truckers Life for Me Episode 1

June 21st, 2011 by

After trying my hand at farming a while back, I’ve been on the search for new experiences, things I haven’t tried before, a challenge. You know what? I think I’ve found just that; driving trucks.

Now, after several hours of training I’m ready for my hardest challenge yet. Sweat is pouring from my forehead, my palms are clammy, my foot is shaking over the clutch, but I’m focus on the task at hand. Somehow, it’s like I’ve always know how to do this. It’s time to try reversing an articulated lorry into a predefined parking area.

Wow! How’d I end up side on to my trailer?

Let’s give it another try, this time I’ll get it right.

My trailer got disconnected again. This is impossible!

Okay, that did not go well, but I can try again, right? Hmm, my instructor is shaking his head. Now he’s storming off. Wait, he’s stopped. Now he’s crying softly to himself. I don’t think he was impressed with my driving.

Well I’ll be damned if this is going to make me give up so easily. Let’s skip this training lesson and jump on to the next. Oh bugger it’s another reversing challenge, at a sharper angle. Let’s skip that one as well. What’s next? Parallel parking! Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Tell you what; I’m going to skip these reversing things completely. I’m sure the boss can give me some simple driving jobs whilst I get used to handling my truck.

Sure enough the boss had a couple of simple jobs for me. He wants me to drive my truck to a service station, park it, and leave it for another driver to pick up. I can do that.

Check out my parking. Only had to barge one of the other trucks out of the way. Nailed it!

With the truck dropped off, I caught a lift back to the yard and repeated the job for a bunch of different trucks. That’s a good day’s work. Beaming with pride I clocked off. “Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try reversing again” I said to my instructor on the way through. He started crying again…with excitement no doubt.

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One Response to “A Truckers Life for Me Episode 1”
  1. Oh boy – another diary!
    Can’t wait

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