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MLG Plays Monster Hunter Tri: Week 2

February 5th, 2011 by

It is funny how fast you can get good at something again. Last week was my first week playing MHT for several months and I didn’t get flattened too much at all. The improvements have only compounded this week as our dynamic quartet stepped up to the plate for week 2. The footage below has been trimmed down to an hour long, thus I could upload the vid in 480p instead of the lowly 360p. The audio quality is questionable though. This is entirely my fault as when I recorded our Skype conversation, I didn’t record my own voice. *facepalm*.

Anyhow, sit back, relax and see how well we did this week. Again, any suggestions for improvements would be gratefully received in the comments below.

3 Responses to “MLG Plays Monster Hunter Tri: Week 2”
  1. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    Ahhh the second week.
    Thanks Ant.

    Yeah the audio is a bit jiggy, I do recored the skype from the IPad
    via the camera. That might not be the best way.
    I see this more as a fallback and for You Ant that You can sync more easyly
    to the sound that has been recorded.

    As Ant said we are always open for surgestions and of cause if You have questions
    on the game, please ask, we might even show it and tell You in the next video.

    Best regards

    “The Fallback Solution” Oli

  2. avatar antman says:

    You’re never the fallback Mr Oli.
    If you hadn’t recorded skype there would be no episode at all.

    I have done my homework, I’ve tinkered with a virtual audio cable and managed to stream a skype call live. So… with a bit of faffing about, we should be able to stream our live skype conversation with our live play on Wednesday.
    I might need a bit of tinkering time on the day to get it to stream, record and actually work for me listening to it at the same time.

  3. avatar originaljohn says:

    great video guys

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