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Nier… Best JRPG In Years?

January 31st, 2011 by

Nier is an interesting entry into the XBOX 360 library by Square-Enix and by far their most interesting for years. This game felt like a low budget burst of expression by Enix’s staff.
The story of Nier opens with an interesting almost realistic scene of struggle and survival between the main character and his daughter. The relationship between the nameless main character and his daughter although not completely unique hits all the appropriate emotional notes, and progresses well throughout the game. The game is more about the interesting characters you pick up along the way and the bonds you build with them.

The combat is a-kin to that of a PS2 game called Drakengard. Its all about collecting and upgrading weapons through equipped “Words” and unlocking new spells. with a lot of options for side-quests. The world layout is similar to Zelda: Ocarina of Time a great field with animals, monsters and mounts, with temples around various points.

The best two features of Nier are the musical score and the unpredictability of the story and game-play. When you least expect it Nier shifts the story in its tone dramatically every few hours and the game-play keeps evolving adding new weapon types and spells constantly.

There is a lot to do in Nier and more than a few unavoidable fetch quests, if you’re the kind of gamer who can forgive a game of a few faults and can ignore the graphical blots you will no doubt love this game. Personally this i feel that this is the best JRPG on XBOX 360. and the ending was a real breath of fresh air from the usual hum-drum three tiered mega boss that usually arises in more traditionally structured JRPGs.

Great suggestion by my most critically respected podcast… Midlife Gamer

6 Responses to “Nier… Best JRPG In Years?”
  1. avatar Deadlegends says:

    Nier was one of the best RPG’s to come out in years. Easily one of the greatest stories ever told in gaming. NG+ is different to any other game. It’s just… fantastic.

  2. avatar Discobeaver says:

    Nice little write up, but i would have to say it vears away from your standard JRPG’s. I detest traditional JRPGs with a passion which may explain why i love this game.

    I have never been so emotionally invested in the characters of a game before like i have in this one, and i have to openly admit i have been choked up on more than one osscasion.

    The one thing that struck me about this game is the amount of sadness it contains. Not to drop any spoilers but you really have to play through the NG+ sections to know what im talking about.

    If youve not played this game you at least deserve to give it a try.

  3. avatar Fodder76 says:

    I enjoyed this one very much, just finished it on Saturday night. In many ways, it was quite refreshing. I really enjoyed the constantly changing gameplay styles, even if they were as simple as positioning the camera differently.

    But I nearly hesitate to even categorize it as an RPG. Yes you can obtain different weapons, and you level up, but those aspects of the game are de emphasized to the point of making them nearly irrelevant.

    I put this game in more of a God of War category, with a much more interesting plot, a much less linear gameplay path, but less sophisticated combat.

    Really really great game, but doesn’t really scratch my RPG itch.

  4. Although less than 3 hours in, I’m really enjoying this.
    As you may know, I’ve not really playing a JRPG since FFX – but this seemed to do enough differently to make me feel in control without skipping on the story draw.

  5. avatar mitchellnorton360 says:

    *Extremely MILD spoiler of Lost Odyssey*

    The last JRPG i really enjoyed to completion was probably FFX also.
    I am, or was a huge JRPG fan and it’s a shame no really decent JRPGs have been released in recent years.
    Even Lost Odyssey a super traditionally structured JRPG didn’t hold my attention to the end, partly because at the crescendo of tension of a rescue operation the Kids in the game throw a smoke bomb and pull down the trousers of the game’s villain. Taking you instantly out of the emotional mood.
    I’m all up for humor in games but not when they are simultaneously trying to make you emotionally invested in a character’s safety.
    Nier’s best achievement is getting the tone just right and then throw in an unexpected joke here or there.
    All I’ll say is look out for the Zelda reference.

  6. avatar Mitchell Norton says:

    God Damn it just bought the soundtrack for more money than the game itself.

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