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Monster Hunter Tri Adventures. The Boys Are Back.

January 30th, 2011 by

If you happen to follow myself (antman1983) or Oli (Oligon) on Twitter, you’d have noticed a lot of techno-talk going back and forth the last few days. Apart from being socially inadequate, only comfortable talking in numbers, there was an underlying project around it all.

Here’s the skinny: Guernica, Hugo Rune, Oligon and myself used to team up and play Monster Hunter Tri every Tuesday. I mean EVERY Tuesday, you could bet your house on it. However one by one we slowly lost interest in Monster Hunter Tri. I can’t put my finger on a specific reason, we each had our own. And so it came to pass that I missed the close connection I had with three awesome fellas who knew the right end of a longsword. Don’t underestimate the connection we had, this connection encouraged Mr. Rune and young Mr. Chilvers to come to my house in Cornwall. It also gained me access into chez Guernica for the Eurogamer expo. I can also say without a shadow of a doubt if the masterful Mr. Oligon ever wanted to come to the UK, he would find my quaint domicile the happy recipient any day.

It came somewhat as a surprise when Hugo suggested that we get together to do one last job: To slay the mighty Deviljho. At the same time we were also talking about trying to film game footage and skype audio and somehow combine them, and so the MLG Monster Hunter Tri Project was born.

I won’t bore you with the technical difficulties, but I’ll just say there was 2 hours gaming and about 20 man-hours in getting it up to Youtube. Anyway grab the popcorn and get comfy, all 2 hours of gameplay are ready to watch now. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this for later episodes, please leave them in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Week two is also uploaded and ready to go here: (linky)

9 Responses to “Monster Hunter Tri Adventures. The Boys Are Back.”
  1. avatar PIE_FTW says:

    Wow, you guys are amazing, haven’t watched the video as my internet cap is just about to be reached.
    If only I had a Wii and that game, I would totally be into it.
    I’m hoping that Monster Hunter Frontier comes to Australia and doesn’t just stay in Japan.
    The monster hunter world interests me, especially the concept of teaming together to take down a monster, is it similar to raiding in WoW?


  2. I started watching – its a great snap-shot of a game being of its time.
    Some funny moments so far – mostly around how Wayne never seems to “tool up” properly before going on the hunt

  3. avatar Anthony Bate says:

    It is kind of similar to a group instance in WoW, apart from the lack of different defined classes. Saying that certain people do have certain roles in combat. Hugo favours his Lance and shield, a fantastic defensive setup. Although there is no thing as accumulated continued aggro of a monster, Mr. Rune can stay in his face and prod away.
    Guernica is slightly weighted towards the Great Sword, a huge weapon that takes an age to swing but has high damage. Timing is critical with this weapon as you need to know where the monster will be in the 2 seconds it takes to swing, also whilst swinging you are left wide open to attack.
    Then comes myself and Mr. Oli, we go mental with longswords. Lacking any sort of defensive capabilities we rely on dodging every attack and quickly slash when the monster is open. If you get sufficient hits fast enough you fill up your combo meter. When full you can spam out a fast combo attack for massive damage.

    With this setup we all have our roles we have settled into. As myself and Oli are more mobile, we are more likely to run back and blow our health horn to regenerate all ally’s health. Hugo and Guernica are often in the thick of it, somewhat tanking the beast by being the closest and most likely to be attacked. There is the option to use a bowgun too, attacking with different types of ammo from afar. However as you need to craft an entire new set of armour for this, none of us have opted for this option.

  4. avatar cramtheman says:

    Just bought this game 2 days ago and its awesome…need to get online with this soon.Great video lads and if id not bought it this weekend your video would have made me go out and purchase it.

  5. avatar Hugo Rune says:

    Simply awesome, the amount of time you guys put into getting that together is nothing short of amazing.
    Using all of our pics from the embarrassing photos thread was a flash of evil genius.

  6. avatar Wayne Shayler says:

    Awesome guys.

    I’d like to take Matthew to task and say that my lack of preparation was only due to the fact that we hadn’t played it for ages. Sadly this is not the case. I always forgot something that I needed. I blame the adrenaline! :)

  7. avatar Oli-1977 says:

    It wouldn´t be the same without Wayne.

    My personal highlight quotes from this video:

    “Who is that in Area 7 …….. OH it´s me!.”
    “Damn I wanted a Long Sword ….. OH it IS a Long Sword!”

    He is like a mad scientist and like they say madness and genius are often related.

    Best regards

    “cameraman” Oli

  8. avatar originaljohn says:

    I had a great time, that one tuesday night I joined up with you guys. Unfortunately I havent really played the game since, but I always tell myself I should.

  9. avatar Killasaw - del says:

    nice vid still watching it, really gonna try and get on tuesday see if i can quest with u! back to the show

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