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Big Sky: The Future Of Retro

December 24th, 2010 by

Baldock’s Law states that somewhere, in the deepest darkest recesses on video games production, there is a machine that is capable of taking any previous platform game and turning it into modern HD version. There is little proof of such a machine, but that is what The Man would like you to think. The evidence is piling up though, many a classic has been HD’d to the nuts and pushed into the gaming world with more of a soupçon of success.

I submit another law, let us call it Antman’s Law. I propose an underground society who’s mission is to revisit old types of games and put a modern day twist on them. The newest title leaked from the underground is Big Sky. Imagine if you will, a cross between R-Type, Geometry Wars with the levelling mechanics of an RPG. Throw all those together and you only have a fraction of what makes up Big Sky. In this sideways scrolling shooter with dual stick firing, you are tasked with dispatching random waves of enemies. Your only goal is to survive, your added objectives is to successfully destroy entire groups of enemies to increase your multiplier to gain a higher score.

Did I mention you burrow through planets? Oh yeah, you totally burrow through planets. As if contending with perplexing waves of foes isn’t enough, your trigger finger is always left twitching at the prospect of diving through an entire planet. Failure is met with instant death, there is no rewind, deal with it. It is this combination of frantic shooting with urgent need to suddenly react to the situation that means you will rarely blink when you are playing Big Sky.

Take a wander down memory lane, try to remember the things you’ve wasted £1 on. It is not a lot of money really, I’ve spent more on a spray of aftershave in the minging toilets of a nightclub. Now consider you could get this kicking game for the same amount of money. No competition eh? This is what I love about the PC, the small man has the same potential as the conglomerates out there. If one man’s resolve is strong enough, he can make something from nothing. Much like the internet, all the potential is available, it is just waiting for someone to grab it by the balls and make something of themselves. Big Sky is the pure embodiment of that dream, so I urge you all to buy it. Head along to Boss Baddie and get your freak on, Chamone!

One Response to “Big Sky: The Future Of Retro”
  1. avatar Phizzy says:

    I, umm… I’ve checked a few times and it seems to be £5, not £1. Are you sure you’re not blind, mister Man?

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