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A Farmer’s Life For Me – Episode 2

December 7th, 2010 by

The plan this week was to buy some livestock and try not to allow the same fate to befall them as what so many of my pets have suffered. But alas, cows are expensive at $25000 each. Looks like I’m going to have to make some money with what I’ve got before expanding into livestock.

So what have I got? Well this is where things get interesting. I’ve got a pretty decent amount of grain in storage and several wheat fields ready and waiting to be harvested. So I harvested what I could then coupled my new red tractor to my green trailer and began collecting each type of grain and transporting them to the mill, the port, and the brewery, dependent on the price each were offering. Looking at the prices on my PDA I have determined that the mill is the best place to sell my wheat, offering $2641 per ton. Barley is best sold to the brewery at $2880 per ton. Canola sells for a huge $5760 per ton at the mill and a mere $4560 at the port so that s a no-brainer, and finally corn is only being taken at the port for $2400 per ton.

I eventually found the port and dropped off my corn.

After selling all the grain I’d harvested and had in storage I came home with a comfy $246,610, that’s pretty good going to start off my herd of cattle. However, a few things became clear during this selling process. My tractor only hits about 30-31mph and takes ages to get to and from each location so I could really do with a new, more powerful one. My green trailer is too small and doesn’t hold a great deal, it reminds me of what and old girlfriend used to say: “It needs to be bigger if you want it to performer better”, no idea what she was talking about. So in general it might prove prudent to set up my machinery and infrastructure before I pick up some cows, so to be able to feed them and milk them effectively and maintain my crops for the money they bring in.

Bloody hell, I’m sounding like a real farmer now, planning out the farms business needs and aiming to meet them. Another thing I’ve noticed when transporting all this grain was more land and buildings nearby. Last week I made note of how deserted the area felt and whilst it’s still no city there are signs of civilisation here, a tiny village in fact.

Look at this bustling street.

Another thing I found was a scarecrow in a field near my bungalow. Well I don’t know about the crows but I’m certainly scared.

At night, surrounded by darkness I can see it in my peripheral, standing in the field. I swear it moved the other night. I’ve got my eye on you, scarecrow…

I decided to buy a powerful green tractor called a Deutz Agrotron K 420. I’m pretty pleased with as well. It cost a small fortune but can hit 50mph, making getting around much quicker. Additionally I bought a large red trailer or tipper if you will, which will of course make transporting grain a great deal quicker with fewer trips required.

Look at these machines in all their glory.

I returned to my farm and then went about sowing the field behind the bungalow with corn to keep the money coming in. I cultivated the land and sowed the seed, sprayed it and sat back awaiting the fruits of my labour. Of course when I say ‘I’ sowed and cultivated and all that, what I mean is the hired help did it. I was busy playing with my new tractor. They didn’t do the greatest of jobs preparing and sowing the field mind, so next time I’ll do it, or at least supervise.

Half a field of young corn. My babies.

I’m really pleased with my progress so far. I discovered more about the layout of the local area. I bought a few new bit of machinery and made business plans for the crops I intend to grow. I identified and learnt how to use/delegate the cultivating and sowing of seeds, and less than a day after sowing, my half field of baby corn was fully grown and ready for harvesting.

I don’t know what was in the fertiliser but it’s bloody good stuff.

I extended my crop growing project to a few other fields and began the “rinse and repeat” job of growing and harvesting. The money should really start to roll in now. Of course I needed to get rid of that scarecrow, not because I was scared of it…honest, it was just in the way.

Totally wasn’t scared of it.

Now everything is in place to look into livestock next week, although I sure could do with a hand on the farm. A competent hand, not one of these hired help automatons. They’re practically robots, only able to handle basic tasks. It’s handy then that it’s possible to bring additional farmers in to help. Up to four of us can work the fields. Well I might find a helping hand after all but if not I’ll still crack on and prevail in my rural journey. Next week then I buy my cattle.

Totally wasn’t scared of it.
4 Responses to “A Farmer’s Life For Me – Episode 2”
  1. avatar Jurassic Prinny says:

    $25,000 for a cow? Is it a magic cow?

  2. avatar Anthony Bate says:

    Hmm magic cows, magic beans and an evil scarecrow.
    These could make a killing if they released fairy-tale DLC. Imagine a giant beanstalk stretching to the skies.

  3. Greg!
    Your making me want to play this!!!
    Does it work on a mac? :)

  4. avatar CoinsMonter says:

    I might have to buy this game – you are actually maaking it sound fun!
    As ever, the updates and the humour are appreciated.
    I’d probably have had to run over the scarecrow too. I mean, it looks friendly and definitely wouldn’t kill you in your bed at night, but it was obviously in the way…

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