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How I spent my Extra Life by GoddTodd and PR1NC3

October 21st, 2010 by

Hello, GoddTodd here.
Your Yankee friend from across the pond.

In the MidLife Gamer forums, a fellow MidLife Gamer and I put the call out for donations to a super cool charity called Extralife. As some of you may know, Extra Life is charity event put on by the folks over at SarcasticGamer.com in conjunction with HospitalsHelpingKids.com.

The inspiration for Extra Life was a young girl named Victoria Enmon. She was a member of the Sarcastic Gamer forums who was stricken with cancer. To help keep her entertained while she convalesced in the hospital,  the SG community donated consoles and games to her.

Victoria and Doc from Sarcastic Gamer

Sadly she passed away in 2008. But, this story has an inspiring ending. To honor her, the SG crew organized a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for the Texas Children’s hospital. That first year they made $120,000 for the hospital!!!!

If memory serves me right, I first heard about Extra Life on the MidLife Gamer podcast last year when Daren and Matt were talking about their Extra Life experience. Or it may have been another podcast but I’m pretty sure it was MidLife Gamer. Anyway, I was inspired by the fact that a fun pastime like gaming could bring a little bit of love and life into this world. That and I realized it was a great excuse to game for 24hr and not get any grief from the good lady for it ;-) Not that she ever gives me grief but 24hrs is a long f’ing time to be distracted from her loveliness.

This year SG and TCMN managed to tweak their donation system so that participants could donate to their local hospitals, and upon further research I was pleased to find out that 100% of the donations went to the hospital of the participant’s choice. I decided to go Balls Deep and requite my friend Jovino to do a team and ambitiously we set our donation goals for $500 each. Proceeds going to The Children’s Hospital of Oakland.  With the support of friends and some fellow MidLife Gamers we were able to make our goal with a little bit of change at the end.

The following is an enhanced (now with pictures and better spelling) forum post that Adamski UK asked me to repost here for your enjoyment, and a rather touching recap from our other MidLife Gamer Extra Life participant, PR1NC3:


Extra Life was a great success!

I hear the video feed we set up was all the rage. We had 117 individual viewers who would send us text messages egging us on and commenting on our game-play and household patter.

For the most part my buddy, Jovino, was the superstar of the show. In 13 hours he went through 22 levels of Uncharted2. For those first 13 hours he never left the couch. We had to force him to eat and drink he was so engrossed in the game. I recall sometime around level 19 Jovino did his first game save. I just looked at him and called him a dumbshit.

Jovino Playing Uncharted2. In the Zone!

The video feed was of the TV with an mirror at the bottom of the frame so you could see his face while he was playing.

On viewer said she thought it was a weird picture of Jesus at the was all about until “Jesus” started giggling maniacally.

At one point I sang the entire Sgt. Peppers album on RockBand in the background while Jovino played Uncharted. There’s a Scottish Sarcastic Gamer Podcaster named Yamster who had a video feed going of him and his buddy doing all Rock Band songs for 24 hours. After 4 songs of the Beatles

my voice was starting to crack (Too many smoke breaks), it boggles the mind how Yamster managed to still have his voice when I checked his feed in his 23rd hour. I think he wins the Balls Deep Award for everyone who participated  in this charity event.I did a lot of leveling up in Read Dead Redemption.

Jovono's Fiancee, M Bunny

If anyone needs someone to do the right hand route in Pikes Basin (Bollard Gang), I’m your man! I swore i was going to make it to level fifty but I got burnt out at level 42. So I’m still available for anyone that wants to do a level up party. I also played a lot of Texas Hold’em in Red Dead. That was my go to casual game.

After playing Red Dead I tried to play some Burnout, but alas, Oh BROTHERBROWN, Where Art Thou? It’s just not the same unless he’s online. I then decided to give Red Faction Guerilla a try, but honestly, I couldn’t get into it. Maybe that was because of my frazzled state of mind that I couldn’t get in to a new IP. I’ll restart and try it again in a week or two. Around 9pm we switched over to playing MAME on the PC.

GoddTodd Playing in his Gamer CubbyHole

We started out with a little Tempest, then some drop in guests came by and we played Streetfighter2 for an hour or two.

Around 11:30pm Jovino and I played the absurd Data East arcade game Boogie Wings all the way through.

GoddToddd and Jovino playing Boogie Wings

After that we did The Simpson’s arcade game all the way through.

Things were getting really weird by that point, to quote a video feed viewer:

“You guys are playing some kind of Simpson’s Street Fighter-type
co-op game right now and you’re both a GODDAMN MESS.  It’s like
watching the 23rd hour of the Jerry Lewis telethon. Also you were
just attacked by floating Marge Simpson heads in heaven or some
ridiculous shit like that.

TYMPANI PLEASE! Only six hours to go!”

We then switched over to Moterstorm. Neither of us by this point could place in the first race, but we had loads of fun making fun of each other as we crashed and burned all over the place.

Myself to Jovino, “If there’s a big rock wall on your left, go right. If there’s a big rock wall on your right, go left. If there’s a big rock in the middle, well, I guess your f**ked brothah.”

Some of the last remaining hours were spent setting up a PS1 only to discover that Parapa The Rappa wasn’t in the case, then looking for my misplaced Wii game cd folder, and finally settling on Muscle March which next to Nobi Nobi Boy is the best game to play on 22 hrs of sleep deprivation. We then played the only Wii disc we had (the one that happened to be in the machine), Just Dance. Man, that’s an awful game but we needed a little calisthenics to get through the last hour.

At ten minutes to 8:00am we finally honored our last tried and true video stream viewer by taking a request.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

I vaguely recall saying things in a high pitched voice like, “We’re doing this for the children. Why do I always have to save the ugly ones. You save that one, he’s got a restraining order on me.” And that was my Extralife. It was grand, it was fun, and at times, it was very VERY ugly.

But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

To any would be ExtraLife player, I would give the following advice.

If you’re multi-game platforms, make sure all your tech is set up and triple benched tested the night before. Messing around with wires on the back of your amplifier is a good way to waste time but it saps your energy and momentum.

If you’re doing MAME, test your setup and all of your favorite ROMs. Everything can be working fine the last time you played a MAME game, and you may not have touched anything in your folders or setup since the last time you played, but when you really want to play Street Fight 3, Third Strike, that file is going to be corrupted.

Burrito’s are great gaming food, but eating them for 24hrs is a very dangerous proposition.

Make sure you know exactly where all your games are. In those late hours, I so wished I could have done some Mario Kart, Wii Sports Resort, and maybe a little Wii fit to keep flowing.

And lastly, don’t forget post your video feed link to MidLife Gamer!

Well, that’s it for my Extralife 2010.

I here we’ve raised altogether around $430,000 for local children’s hospitals.

The donation lines are still open given that next Saturday is a makeup gaming day.

Jovino and I made $1100 for The Oakland Children’s hospital.

Thank you all for your donations and support! I hope we can all get together and create a mega MidLife Gamer Team next year. Who’s in?!!

GoddTodd, Out!


Hi my name is Rohan Molligoda, PR1NC3 on the forums and on xbox live. My Extra life story starts with the birth of my two beautiful twins.

Ashan & Nihal were born 15th August 2010 and Nihal had to be rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. He has bladder extrophy which is quite rare and meant his bladder was on the outside of his body.

Extra Life has been running for three years and in 2010 they teamed up with the children’s miracle network, which means you could raise money for your local children’s hospital no matter where in the world you were.

I felt I wanted to give back to all the doctors and nurses and so I signed up.

PR1NC3, "This is me eating shreddies at 7.30am preparing for my 24hr marathon."

Saturday 16th October was the day and it kicked off for me at 8am UK time. I was joined by a friend of mine at the beginning and we kicked off with some FIFA 11 for the first two hours, then a quick hour of Rockband 2 before he had to leave me and play some real football.

So now by myself I cracked open Mafia II. Very much enjoyed the story telling aspect of the game and that soon took me to hour 6, by which time I was ready for some FPS action.

Popped in Medal of Honor and went straight into single player and after an hour or so came across a glitch where the floor was disappearing and I kept falling to my death, which signaled my first food break accompanied by angry birds on the i-Phone.

Stopping to eat sent my eyes a bit funny and made me feel like throwing up which was not good as it was only hour 8…

Wanted to keep playing but not concentrating so more solo Rockband 2 for me drumming to my harts content. Time starts to get more vague after this but next up was Allen Wake and I only lasted an hour at best with that game, don’t think its my thing.

So more medal of honor but this time the multiplayer and how very enjoyable it was too. First the sound was amazing but just liked the way the game played, a sort of cross between cod and battlefield.

Time must have flown as two of my buddies were knocking at the door for some more Roacband 2 action and this went on into hour 15 where both decided it was bed time for them and they had a good old laugh as they left me to stay up all night playing games…

From hour 16 right through to hour 22 it was Medal of Honor multiplayer all the way baby.

It kept me awake talking to many people from the USA, France and even a dude from South Africa.

The last two hours were spent on an old favorite Trials HD.

Finishing up it felt good to have done it and I am still receiving donations so its $475 and counting.

I enjoyed taking part and hope to do it again next year, hopefully with more midlife gamers as well.

Thank you all very much for your donations.

Rohan Molligoda.

Here’s some links to our donation pages in case any of you folks are inspired by our stories and still want to share the MidLife Gamers love (lines are still open):

GoddTodd: https://www.hospitalshelpingkids.org/ExtraLife/m.aspx?i=1734131485BBB8BC8&e=C3D9

PR1NC3: https://www.hospitalshelpingkids.org/ExtraLife/m.aspx?i=1734131485BBB8BC8&e=C3D9

Game Over

4 Responses to “How I spent my Extra Life by GoddTodd and PR1NC3”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    A touching story and worthy cause.
    Well done to all those involved for rasing not only well needed funds, but also the awareness.
    An inspirational tale that no doubt will gather momentum and hopefully see an even bigger coming together of the MidLife Gamer community at the next event.

    I have a feeling we could do something very special.

  2. I think next year I’ll be up for doing this, its been a long time since I’ve had a good gaming marathon, don’t even know if my body is up to it these days

  3. But great work guys, truly a worthy 24 hours spent x

  4. avatar jovino says:

    It’s sad that I had to save the game at all. I was actually hoping to be able to finish the whole thing in one sitting, but that damn tank level took it all out of me. Damn that one was hard.

    I fantasize of doing a group costume romp through the Castro dressed like Muscle March — or at least a cosplay at WonderCon next year. OMG that game is funny!

    I’ll have to make a small correction and say that our view count actually hit 190 on the webcam. Some were repeat customers, but the number is quite staggering — especially considering that I barely moved for a large portion of time.

    You also left out your attempts to force-feed me tater tots and quesadillas to help me keep up my energy. Thanks for that! I probably wouldn’t have gotten up otherwise.

    I guess we’re on for next year. I’ll make a point to double check the Parappa CD. I was bummed, too. That game is SO damn good!


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