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Fade to Grey

October 17th, 2010 by

The great thing about Visage was, well , they were great once. Just the once. They were in the right place at a point in time when they met the music markets needs. They were huge and then they were gone. Such is the way of the bandwagon. When a movement builds momentum its not that difficult to slip in and grab your 15 minutes of fame.

If you know your music history you will be shouting at the screen now berating me for the lack of historical fact. Yes, Steve Strange was there when it all started, he was instrumental in the launch of Boy George and Culture Club, he rubbed shoulders with Bowie. He was really part of that movement. All true but he still only managed to grab that 15 minutes. So what’s all this 80′s tosh got to do with gaming?

We Fade to GreyWelcome to 2010 and Microsoft are on the brink of launching Kinect. Oh its all buzzing now and the new bandwagon is rolling. Damn it, Microsoft are probably responsible for nailing at least a couple of the wheels on it. They seem to have been around for ever, they are certainly in the right place at the right time. But they better make the most of their 15 minutes because that’s all its going to be. The tech is flawed and flaky, the games are unmemorable. Dance Central could give Microsoft their one hit and families across the country could be enjoying one of the most expensive parlour games ever this Christmas. But in the end that’s all they’re going to get, because the family aren’t all going to sit down together and play Fable III when they patch the hardware in are they.

Nintendo nailed the market years ago, Sony have come in with something a little more innovative and certainly more polished. Microsoft want some of that, but they’re core user base have their consoles in their bedrooms not in their living rooms. They’re more interested in busting heads than busting moves. So enjoy it while it lasts Microsoft, you’ll make a ton of cash as always and then it will fade to grey.

This Community Content article was created by Mr Mojo Risin, a member of our community. Community Content is your way of getting long-form writing and opinion out to the Midlife Gamer audience, an open platform to get something off your chest. For full guidelines on our editorial standards and how to create your own post, click here. The views expressed within are those of the author and not necessarily the opinions of the Midlife Gamer Staff.

5 Responses to “Fade to Grey”
  1. I’m still remaining positive about Kinect. After playing Dance Central at Eurogamer its put this bit of tech firmly on my radar. Although thats about all I’m interested in at the moment.
    I guess time will tell as developers spend some time getting the most out of the controller.

  2. avatar Spiny says:

    Mr Mojo Sir

    for invoking the greatest synthpop supergroup ever* and reminding me of my baggy trousers coupled with grey suede side lace winklepickers…

    You Sir, may have my babies.

    fondest regards etc etc
    S. Norman.

    * Yes, I really do still have all the 12″ remix singles on vinyl, I’m that sad :)

  3. avatar Martyn Hackett says:

    “Microsoft want some of that, but they’re core user base have their consoles in their bedrooms not in their living rooms”

    That seems to actually be the point of Kinect, it’s not really aimed at us. MS are going for casual types to get the 360 out of the bedroom under the living room TV. Facebook/Twitter, movie rentals and now Kinect.
    That said, I expect the price on it to drop pretty hard after Xmas.

  4. avatar xeroxeroxero says:

    I was a bit of a skeptic of Kinect before I saw it in action, but it’s really clever hardware producing some pretty accurate results and could be an interesting input device if handled correctly. The key, as always, will be to create titles that use the new technology in a specific way, creating games that could ONLY work with Kinect, not standard games that try to work around the new controller.

    Thanks for the cool article, it was a thought provoking read!

  5. sales of the Kinect look very impressive, but the games they are selling doesn’t justify it. that means the kinect does have a draw. It will quickly dissipate though, once folks realise it’s all bs

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