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16 Ways To Make Rock Band 3 Awesome

June 2nd, 2010 by

Back in MLG Podcast Episode 84, we covered the announcement of Rock Band 3, which spurred Daren to list 17 ways Harmonix could make that game awesome.

Since then, one of these has already been teased as part of the Rock Band: Green Day demo, namely the addition of the keyboard instrument (although still no confirmation as to how this will be implemented).

With that in mind, I wanted to get his remaining suggestions out there for all to digest, but before we begin, let us understand that this is a wish list assuming that Harmonix have limitless money and resources at their disposal.

1) Setlist open from the get go

This is something we’re starting to see as a trend now, but let’s make sure a casual player who has little time to grind through the career can jump into Quickplay and have every song available from day one.

2) Song Export

Been building up your Rock Band library for some time now? Haven’t we all!  So let’s allow the usual option to export the songs on disc to your system’s hard drive.

3) Character / Band import

Spent hours creating the ultimate band in Rock Band 2? Then let’s have the ability to import that band, including their current equipment and threads!

4) Menu Sounds

Let’s get rid of those menu sounds, you know the ones I mean, the guitar sound for entering or existing a screen, or for scrolling through songs.

5) Harmonies

Let’s hope that RB3 is going to be using the same engine and design as The Beatles.  So let’s get harmonies throughout the entire back catalogue of songs (where applicable).

6) Duelling Instruments

Got 2 drum kits? Got 4 guitars?  Let the players have a local face off using whatever combination of instruments they we have laying about.

7) Lead & Rhythm

Like we used to have in Guitar Hero co-op, the option to play replace the bass track with rhythm action. Actually scratch that, let’s have another runway and include an extra band member.

8) Drumming Without The Kick

The ability to remove the kick pedal from the equation, but still being able to ramp up the difficulty for the pads.

9) Drum Overdrive Method

Not everyone likes the fills, or is any good at them.  How about letting the drummer select the original fill method, or The Beatles timed one.

10) Better Tutorials

How about the game analysing your performance to spot where you have trouble with specific instruments and suggest songs which will help you overcome those obstacles?

11) Facial Scanning

Eye Toy / XBox Live vision camera support to allow players to scan their face and have it mapped to your band member.

12) Custom / Saved Setlist

Custom setlists can be saved against a users account.  Party time is here and you want that cheesy 80′s cock rock setlist with Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi – just select it from your library.

13) Advanced Filtering

What if I want to see all songs, which are 4 star of above difficulty just for the bass.  Bang, there it is.

14) Ghost Performance

If you’re the type of person who thrives off friendly or competitive leaderboards, how about being able to select a specific users score for a song, which then tracks your progress compared to theirs as your playing?

15) Video Recording

Just like SingStar, users with the Eye Toy or XBox Live vision camera can select to save or upload performances after each song.  A bit of an in game editing suite might not be a bad idea either…

16) Live Gig Mode

Taking the video recording to the next level, before you start to play your setlist of cheesy 80′s music you should be able to send a tweet out from your linked twitter account with a URL.  The link then takes followers to the Rock Band web site and streams the performance directly to their desktop.

So there you have it, 16 ways in which RB3 could improve to be really awesome. More suggestions? Drop us a comment and let us know what you want from the next Rock Band…

4 Responses to “16 Ways To Make Rock Band 3 Awesome”
  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Advance Filter!!
    So much time spent scrolling up and down, up and down the song list to create a set list for ‘non-gamers’ that won’t suddenly suprise us with an impossible BASS track which always results in folk switching instruments in order to try and crack it….and no, No Fail mode is NOT an option!

    “Database corrupted”
    I have a few songs with this title!
    I have to compare which tracks I have downloaded to try and identify the corrupt track!
    An easier method of doing this would be great.

  2. Good call Ad – I suffer a lot as Daren likes to download his DLC to use when his account is part of the band. But when he’s gone, I tend to avoid random set lists when I’m in the career as very often it will kick us out of the game when it attempts to load a song which is part of my library but I don’t own the rights for.

  3. avatar Nyxyxylyth says:

    Have Daren man up and put all his DLC on a 16GB USB stick, and remove his DLC from your hard drive. Problem solved.

  4. Thats a really good idea – can Rock Band read tracks from a memory stick, or do the songs have be transferred over to the local hard drive?

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