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Halo Reach Beta: Part 1 – The First Few Hours

May 5th, 2010 by

It’s probably fair to say that the beta test for Halo: Reach is more anticipated than the release of any full-price title this month. I’ll be putting out my thoughts and experiences over the next couple of weeks, starting with yesterday’s launch. Here they are, as it happened…

9:00am – Fire up the 360, slap ODST into the drive. Main menu still displays “Preview the Beta”. A quick trip to Bungie.net reveals the beta begins “late morning” PST (-8 GMT). Take comfort that Australians have already waited an extra 8 hours before me.

6:30pm – “Start the Beta”.  Now we’re getting somewhere. Straight into a 1.15Gb download, but that’s to be expected.

7:20pm – We have matchmaking! First up, Capture the Flag on Swordbase. Chaos ensues because no-one knows where to go in the maze of corridors. New controls result in melee/grenade confusion. Only people on the headsets are speaking Afrikaans. There are 120,000  people online.

8:00pm – That was the only game so far tonight. Party system shows everyone in my friends list, not just my party, which is nice. No-one’s in games and I’m starting to have flashbacks of  the first day of Battlefield 1943.  Someone suggests an hour of Firefight.

9:00pm – We should play ODST more often, Firefight’s a riot when things get busy and skulls are switched around. The lack of matchmaking is a letdown, but with three friends it’s a blast. Back to the Beta…

Not pictured: Me

10:00pm – There’s 150,000+ online and Bungie’s servers appear to be melting. Everyone’s split up and I’m getting a message that the server isn’t responding. I’ve had two more games, Oddball on Powerhouse and Headhunter on Swordbase. Oddball remains unchanged, but the Scout’s sprint perk comes in handy. Headhunter gives great satisfaction when a kill results in an explosion of flaming skulls. I’m reminded of Sonic hitting spikes and rings flying everywhere.

10:15pm – Enough’s enough. Start up Halo Waypoint to collect my prize. I spent an evening in Halo Reach and all I’ve got’s 400 credits and an Avatar t-shirt…

Of course, these are early days and this is just a beta. I’ll be back to Reach over the course of the Beta when things (hopefully) calm down to bring a more-in depth look at the various maps, modes and load-outs. If you see M0NK3YSDAD online, give me a shout for some team games. How’s it going for everyone else out there?

One Response to “Halo Reach Beta: Part 1 – The First Few Hours”
  1. avatar huntervp says:

    for me it is running smooth since Monday chaos i do agree we need play odst more on fire fight

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