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Competition – LotR: War in the North Giveaway

January 7th, 2012 by

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Ahem..Excuse me, sorry about that. By all means you can pass, and might I say, what a smashing blouse you have on.

Hello everyone and thank you for looking at, and hopefully joining in, our little competition. We have, due to what seems like an unlimited amount of kindness from one of our treasured community member HunterVP, a copy of Lord of the Rings: War in the North on Xbox 360 to give away. Free. Completely free, seeing as tweeting doesn’t cost you a penny (yet).

All we ask is that you re-tweet the following:

RT and follow @midlifegamernet for a chance to win LotR War in the North on Xbox360 #WBGame’s #LotR #WarintheNorth T&C: http://bit.ly/zkZvDB

Once you have tweeted the above – and don’t worry, the link will auto shorten when posted - simply comment in the box below to confirm this. And why not have some fun while commenting. Tell us all what Lord of the Ring race and or class you would be and why.

Me? I’d be a Wizard. Because it means I’ll get to handle my long shaft all day. What? Oh. I mean Staff.

The winner will get draw from my Wizards Sleeve at random next Sunday 14/01/12.

Good luck!

Terms and conditions:

The competition is not open to Midlife Gamer staff.

Entries made after the closing date will not be counted.

Please do not tweet more than 3 times a day (spread out throughout the day i.e. do NOT tweet 3 times in quick succession) to avoid annoying your followers. Spammers will not win this competition.

Midlife Gamer reserves the right to amend these rules and also to disqualify anyone considered to be a negative factor towards the site, the competition or our affiliates.

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Karen Scammell.

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17 Responses to “Competition – LotR: War in the North Giveaway”
  1. avatar simon says:

    I would tweet it but itis 16 characters to long

  2. avatar epictonedogg says:

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong but its not letting me tweet it. Might be my orcish fingers fumbling around my keyboard… The link isn’t shortening :’(

  3. avatar Simon says:

    Have entered but had to change it slightly

  4. Until our editor Greg gets his as out of bed please could you tweet the tweet but remove #WBGames and replace ‘and’ with ‘&’.

    Thanks for joining in.

  5. @Epic that might be your tweeter silent. Look for the link shorten icon.

    Good luck in the comp guys.

  6. avatar Karen Scammell says:

    I tweeted but I made my own tiny url because twitter said it would be shortened but then told me the tweet was still too long and as I don’t use it often I wasn’t sure what to do. Anyway I hope what I did tweet was alright! I am @twannywun

    I would be a dwarf! Nobody tosses a dwarf!

  7. avatar Greg Giddens says:

    Right, the retweet has been fixed and will work properly now. Apologies for the mix up. Twitter’s auto shortening system didn’t shorten as much as I thought it would.

  8. avatar Ancient Gamer says:


    I’ll probably have one character of each race & class. I find that once I start creating characters it’s hobbit forming. Boom boom!

  9. Have to play a Ranger, just on the off chance you become the King of Gondor….you never know!

  10. avatar currierox says:

    Tweets away!!! Sorry just finished off Ace Combat. This is awesome of you Hunter.
    As for what class im likely to play I always tend to roll as an elf whenever given the opportunity in games as i really enjoy using the bow. Wizard would probably be my 2nd choice :-)

  11. avatar DigitalPariah says:

    Would have to say I always feel a pull towards the short tempered, beer drinking, swearing dwarves with the unintelligible accent… I wonder why that is?

  12. avatar currierox says:

    Thats cos your our favourite angry Scottish Bar steward whos idea of calmly crossing the road is making sure to back hand a motor cycle… not to go on Scottish stereotypes… oh wait!

  13. avatar DrunkRogue68 says:

    Retweeted without any problem, maybe i’m getting the hang of this tech stuff (although commenting on here has been a problem lol).
    Now for the serious question…..
    What race would I be?
    Well at only 5′-6″ I would probably have to be a Hobbit and the fact they have massive Jugs…..
    For the Beer, not on their Women

  14. avatar Discobeaver says:

    All Retweeted.

    Apart from the size I would have to be a dwarf.

    I got the beard and I do love exploring damp ‘Caves’

  15. avatar Sarah M says:

    thanks for the giveaway, here my tweet https://twitter.com/#!/sarah34090/status/158594196016603137

    i’d probably be a hybrid of a corrupted wizard and a dwarf


  16. Sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen.

    I will annoce the winner this evening. Thank you for taking part.

  17. Good morning people!

    The winner has been chosen at random (A colleague at work nicked names from a hat) and the winnner is:

    Karen Scammell !


    Please email me your delivery address. My email is Baron@midlifegamer.net

    Thanks you for playing.

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