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Our main goal is to offer a destination for all who are passionate about gaming. A site built on a strong sense of community. A site filled with interesting content. We want to deliver entertaining and informative content of all kinds. Whether it’s with written reviews, previews, news stories and features, or whether it’s through video and audio content. Midlife Gamer is a place where we can all contribute to the commentary about our passion, through site content and the forums. We may only be  a small slice of the larger gaming universe but we are certainly one of its brightest…….and possibly it’s sexiest.


The Founders: Daren (left) and Matt (right)

Daren mantis1

Matt & Daren worked together for a time in 2005 and quickly discovered they shared a real passion for gaming; spending hours trading past gaming experiences and entertaining each other with gaming related stories. Events transpired and Daren ended up buying a house in the same town and at some point Matt left the company although they maintained contact long after Matt pursued his career elsewhere.

They kept in touch and got together once every so often and the conversation always returned to gaming. In spring 2008 they started to talk about how they could take their common interest and do something interesting with it. The discussion turned to podcasting. They both listened to a wide range of gaming podcasts and would often discuss what they had heard. They agreed that while there was nothing really wrong with what they were listening to, they had an opportunity to do something a little different themselves. For this reason they started to plan and scope out the ways and means of recording their own podcast, just for kicks.

The first recording centered around E3 2008. Both really enjoyed recording that day despite not having a clue how it was going to turn out. They were really happy with the output at the time and immediately posted it to iTunes just to get it up there. The original recording has since been lost (like Matts sex tape) , and on reflection, both Daren and Matt feel that that is not a bad thing because in reality it wasn’t perfect by any stretch! (like Matts sex tape) Nevertheless they got a taste for it and vowed to continue (luckily NOT like Matts sex tape)

On 28th July 2008  the first regular episode ‘Lemon Party’ was posted. The boys have recorded a show every week since, up until December 2011 where they shifted to a fortnightly schedule.

Daren & Matt continue to record and continue to learn. Their motto from the very beginning has been “We’re not perfect, we don’t pretend to be. Some of the best material is born out of our mistakes. What we do is what feels right. If it doesn’t feel right we’ll change.”

You can Follow the boys on Twitter: Matt & Daren

You can send the boys sexy words by email: Matt & Daren

Come Play with Daren

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Come Play with Matt

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The Front Page Editor:
Simon Stevens (SiStevens)


Simon began his gaming way back on a Grandstand TV Game 2000 before progressing to Atari and eventually Spectrum and Commodore. Via many consoles and handhelds you can now find him rocking the Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and, due to refusing to replace his laser lens this close to next-gen, games that are free on PlayStation Plus when work, the good lady and two kids allow it.

After taking so much from the podcasts and with encouragement from the bearded god Adamski; Simon wrote his first review for the site to give something back which, surprisingly to him, people were actually interested in reading and after a small hiatus from gaming and the site due to the birth of his son he came back with both the longest story for “Soundtrack of our Gaming Lives” for Matt & Daren (which they passed on as they didn’t fancy editing a four and a half hour show) and the first “MLG Fight Club” article.

Due to the real life stuff, the pile of shame that Si had amassed knew no bounds and at one point stood at 330 games. Due to this, Si formed the MLG spin off Podcast – the Year of Shame Challenge and during this challenge – that ran from Eurogamer 2012 to Eurogamer 2013 – he played, sold, completed and generally gave his game collection a spring clean reducing his pile to a more respectable 77 games.

Simon currently, like all of us, tries to juggle work, family and gaming time normally with an end result of not enough gaming or family time. He usually doesn’t play a huge amount of games simultaneously and instead tends to exclusively play a game until completion.. He also tends to ignore Day 1 releases and pre-orders, instead waiting for the price to drop to the £25 sweet spot.

You can Follow Simon on Twitter here

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The Deputy Front Page Editor
Matt Jones (MunkiMatt)


One of Matts earliest memories is staring into Menzies windows, transfixed by the shapes and colours that this grey, boxy keyboard plugged into the TV was somehow producing. Soon after he was the proud owner of a Spectrum ZX, and a lifelong obsession with video games was born.

After getting a NES at around the age of 6 he became a Nintendo fan for his formative years, apart from a brief dalliance with a Playstation 2, but he branched out this generation and picked up an Xbox 360. Matts first taste of online gaming hooked him in entirely and he soon added a PS3 to ensure he didn’t miss out on the greatest gaming has to offer. Matts recently picked up a PS Vita for his first taste of handheld gaming for many a year, plus recently completed his first PC self build without losing any fingers.

You can Follow Matt on Twitter here

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Come Play with Matt

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Community Writers
Sarah Findlay (sarahf)

Sarah 01

Sarah was introduced to games when her parents decided to shut her and her brother up by buying them a Master System.  It was a big mistake because then they had to keep plying them with games and consoles to feed their obsession.  The Master System and Mega Drive introduced her to gaming staples such as Alex the Kidd and Sonic.  After that came the PS One and she fell in love with the Oddworld games, Spyro and Tekken.

When Sarah moved away from home to study, she soon realised that she couldn’t afford to spend money on consoles and socialising.  And she really needed to socialise having lived her life as a country bumpkin.  Sarahs solution was to return home frequently to visit her brother’s Xbox (and family while they were there).

It wasn’t until Sarah met her partner that she finally had a console to call her own.  After being out of the gaming loop for a while it wasn’t long before she was commandeering his Xbox 360 and out of desperation to get his console back he bought her one of her own.  She was back in!  He also introduced her to all the amazing Nintendo games she had missed out on.  Ocarina of Time is now her favourite game and she isn’t quite sure how she lived without Zelda at all. Sarah and her boyfriend moved in together and began collecting consoles – They now are the proud parents of a Wii, Xbox 360, Vita and PS3 as well as a PC and 3DS and iPads, iPods, etc.

When she’s not playing or writing about games, she likes to read books and comics.  Sarah grew up with Tolkien, Pratchett and King and is a ridiculously huge Batman fan.  She also has regular Game of Thrones board game sessions with her boyfriend which she regularly wins (three times in a row and counting!).

Listening to the MLG podcast she heard the call to arms for writers and sent in an article and now she’s here

You can Follow Sarah on Twitter here

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The Midlife Gamer Unboxer:
Holger Müller (Oli)


His name is Holger, He’s from Germany and he does amazing things with a butter knife
In May of 2009, Holger listened to Episode 44 of the Midlife Gamer Podcast and in June 2010 he started making small videos for the forum. What started as a fun little side project, over time evolved into a lot of funny unboxings for the site – known today as “What’s In The Box?”.

Holger was a gamer pretty much since he could walk.  His father had the hobby of computers back in the early 80s and the first computer in the Müller house was a Commodore VC20,followed by the C64 and then the AMIGA. Whenever he got his new toy, Holger would inherit the old one. Holger never had a console of his own back in those days. But he did have friends who did and Oli and his friends would spend many a night where they played a lot of Mario Kart, or Street Fighter II on the SNES.

Holger’s main love however, was  the AMIGA and then his first PC (386 33Mhz). He was always into RPGs. So games like Eye of the Beholder, or the ULTIMA Series were big highlights. Holger soon became part of the console generation with the PlayStation One his first own console and he loved it. “Final Fantasy VII” blew him away back in the day. Then Holger moved out from his parents, got his own job and had the money and internet to do more or less what he wanted.

Holger wanted to play lots and lots of MMO(RPGs). Starting with Dark Age of Camelot and later WoW, he played whatever existed up until today. The name Oli(gon) came from a Name Generator in Dark Age of Camelot. He liked that name back in the day and Oligon became Oli for short and that name has stuck with him since then.There are a few people that play more MMOs then Holger, but most of them earn a living from playing them. Although Holger does own every current gen console he still mostly sticks to PC and the PS3.

You can Follow Holger on Twitter here

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Come Play with Holger

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The Community Managers:
Adam Edwards (Adamski)

Adamski original

Family, gaming and science.
Adam has been gaming since his granddad brought home a Grandstand 6000 system. An early ‘Pong’ system. In colour..well, three colours to be exact. Then it was onto the ZX Spectrum 48k for most of his youth from the early eighties up until he discovered hormones and girls (in that order).

A brief hiatus (well, there was a dabble with a Mega Drive) until a student grant went towards a SNES. Uni Rally being his standout title. Witnessing Wipeout convinced Adam to grab a PSOne which started a brief romance with Sony (PSP and PS2). This was before an original Xbox system found its way into his life like the dirty mistress of gaming some years ago. Not long after that, Adam embarked on a long and successful relationship with the Xbox 360 that continues to this day.

Like us all, time for gaming is at a premium for him with family and work commitments, but it makes it all the more enjoyable when he manages to escape real life and boot up a console.
As a Community Manager Adam is probably one of the first people you will discuss biscuits and beverages with once you join the forum. Oh, and he likes science stuff. And beard grooming. And is currently on a one man mission to combine the both of them.

You can follow Adam on Twitter here

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Come Play with Adam

Xbox – Adamski UK


Neale Jarrett (Baron Von Pleb)


He is Neale and he likes to drink beer. And game. More than often at the same time. Neales gaming history is that of legend, to detail it here would be long and vast and quite possibly impossible. So we won’t bore/entertain you with the details. Lets just say he can remember playing on a BBC computer at school and thinking it was a magic box full of wonder… Currently a console and handheld gamer and still think games are art and magic.

Neale stumbled upon Midlife Gamer whilst looking for a new gaming podcast. Hooked from the start and then introduced himself via this site and forums – and look at him now… Top of the world Ma! If you are wondering what Neales favourite games are. Well… All the Bioshocks, Skyrim and sitting there with pride at the top… It’s Fallout 3. Neale played so much Fallout he began to see VATS in real life. Took the head off a granny at the bus stop the other day.

Neale is currently juggling gaming with a more than full time job, a passion for photography and his fiancé. Ain’t life grand.

You can Follow Neale on Twitter here

You can send Neale sexy words by email here

Come Play with Neale

PlayStation – BaronVonPleb

Xbox – Baron Von Pleb


Todd Evans (GoddTodd)


Todd is what you might call a Midlife crisis Gamer. His last console was a Sega Genesis. After he put that down, he stopped playing for over ten years until one day he saw this huge Big Daddy in
a Gamestop window, and my imagination was captured. First there were the PC games (Bioshock & Portal), then came the gateway console (Wii), then came one Black Friday in back in 2009, he found himself sneaking off to Target at 04:0o in the morning while his wife was sleeping to pick up a PS3 with Infamous and Batman. And it’s been a rapid decent down the Rabbit Hole ever since.

Well, at least it’s a little cheaper than a Ferrari.

Because Todd had been so out of the loop, he started listening to podcasts so that he could find out what cool games he should buy. There were a lot of terrible ones back then where the sum of each review was ‘It’s really good’ and not much else. There were also a lot of American podcasts with adolescent humour. To his great joy, he found two great podcasts that really clicked with his state of mind. One wasMichael Abbott’s Brainy Gamer podcast, which is all about game theory, the art of play, and game design (and is highly recommended).

The other had these two British dudes that were smart, witty, and loved video games. They had sort of a classic Stan and Ollie vibe about them, rather than the kick you in the nuts MTV vibe of many of the other podcasts. In the meantime, whenever he went online, he kept coming across these young American kids who were out to mess with everyones experience and call people racist and homophobic names. The British podcast guys kept waxing poetic about what a lovely forum community they had, so he signed up in the summer of 2010. It was here Todd found a nice, funny, and mature group of people who liked to play videogames and he’s been here ever since.

You can Follow Todd on Twitter here

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Come Play with Todd

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Matt Spink (EggDaddy)


Balance. It’s all about trying to find the balance between work, family, friends and gaming. Thankfully, since coming across the wonderful Midlife Gamer community  a couple of years ago Matt  can now happily combine the latter two categories.

Matts first memories of playing video games were when his Dad bought him and his brother an Acorn Electron. Matt spent hours and hours playing 8 bit masterpieces like Repton and Mr. Wiz. He soon became aware that there were other, more exotic systems out there, but his old man always likes to be different so he totally missed out on the Spectrum and C64.

After the Acorn died, Matt experienced his first gaming dry spell where we had no video games system in the house for years, that is, until he finally saved enough money to buy himself a GameBoy. He was back in the game, and all his pocket money was saved to get that next big game. Every spare moment was spent hunched over that tiny little screen (well away from any sunlight of course) and it was a constant companion for years.

It was only when he discovered girls and drinking in the park at the age of about 13 that the Gameboy was packed away and his second break from gaming occurred. It stayed this way until he was about 18 and he bought myself a second hand PS One. This made for good post pub entertainment playing MP games like Rollcage, Hogs of War (RIP Rik Mayall!), Wipeout etc… He also had an obsession with Worms on his Dad’s PC, the original version obviously.

Matt skipped most of the next generation, only picking up an Xbox late in it’s life cycle and taking the plunge into the murky world of online multiplayer with the Halo series. This led him to picking up a 360 the year after launch and he was firmly back to being a gamer again and had many happy years with this wonderful console.

Work and family pressures have led to a decrease in gaming over the last few years, and Matt had started to lose his mojo, even as he got more and more involved with the MLG community, but after making the tough decision to leave Microsoft and head back to Sony he bought a PlayStation 4. Bam! The Last of Us was an almost perfect gaming experience, and then Destiny dropped and Matt has been online almost every night since.

When Matt is not online you can usually find him hanging round the Facebook page, or spreading the love on Twitter.


You can Follow Matt on Twitter here

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Come Play with Matt

PlayStation – EggDaddy06

Xbox – Egg Daddy


The Midlife Gamer Development Team:
Elsa Bartley


As one half of our development team Elsa makes things pretty and reliable. Along with John (more on him shortly) she fixes stuff that the rest of us break. Elsa can normally be found inflicting her gamers tourettes on the community during any one of the gamer nights but most likely Gears n’Beers Friday or Burnout Paradise Sundays.

Elsa loves meeting up with the community and has been a staple of the Eurogamer meet ups with her top highlights being Dance Central with Matt & Daren as well as Rockband 3 with Adamski.

Elsa took a small hiatus from the site to concentrate on other real life goings on but recently returned in aiding the set up and management of the new MLG Google+ page as well as investigating new features and designs for the site with John.

Elsa is also, like many on the site, a huge Lego addict and may contain marmalade, however the marmalade part is just her.

Along with Tanja, Elsa truly proves that you don’t need balls to Go Balls Deep!

You can follow Elsa on Twitter here

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Come Play with Elsa

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John McCaul


John is the other half of our dynamic duo development team often working from screenshots when one of us has pushed a button we shouldn’t have. John has been captivated by games since he was old enough to see. Even though John plays them all the time he still seems to constantly have a growing pile of shame, maybe it’s because he buys games at amuch faster rate than play them.

Back in the 90′s John was all about the SEGA and then after they went 3rd party he started looking into Nintendo’s rich back catalog of games. If he’s free he’ll join up with the MLG clan on Killzone 3 on Saturday nights. Like all of our community nights is great fun and there are some true superstars on our squad.

Apart from games John also has interests in movies, books, tv shows and comics(Check out the 4 guys and a zombie podcast for evidence of John’s love of these things). John works as a web developer for a company in his hometown of Newry, lives with his good lady and their 2 Jack Russell pups. They all enjoy Game of Thrones, falling asleep on the sofa and playing fetch in the garden. It’s up to you to make up your own mind as to who enjoys what.

Like Elsa, John is a regular at the Eurogamer meetups and loves mingling with the community, just remember when you see them to buy them a drink because that thing that used to annoy you – They fixed it!

You can Follow John on Twitter here

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Come Play with John

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Friends of Midlife Gamer:
  • Adam Riley
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  • Damien Ashley (Dashboxer)



We’re always looking for smart, funny, and insightful content that complements what we’re doing on Midlife Gamer. If your interested in creating content for us then we’re interested to hear from you. With videogames reaching across other mediums such as television, comics, music and film so do we.

Email Si Stevens (simon@midlifegamer.net) to pitch any reviews or features.

Our contributors guide can be downloaded below.




Unless you’re asking for money to be transferred by Western Union to secure the release of a wealthy African dignitary, we’d love to hear from you.

General contact: admin@midlifegamer.net

For PR enquiries and Press Releases: press@midlifegamer.net

Are you an indie developer who would like your game reviewed?  Or do you have some hardware that you would like us to get to grips with?  Contact us on: reviews@midlifegamer.net

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